Advertising Agency Client


  TMW – Digital Project Manager     Workstreams: Team Diageo online campaign. SOW, Content Planning, Creative Reviews, Timelines, Milestones & Risks Pipeline:  Multiple stakeholders, Client Liaison & multi-agency management. Finance: Cost implications, estimates, resources, accounting reconciliations. Project streams: Dropbox/Basecamp/Visio/MSP/Excel/Facebook/ Rich Media Banners/QA/JIRA/.NET /Umbraco CMS/ URLs:

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Agency Telco


Saatchi & Saatchi – Freelance Digital Project Manager Workstreams:  web and mobile development, planning, scoping for Atlantis The Palm, Dubai website and rich media flash assets. Change requests, establish timeframe for interactive implementation.   Pipelines: Coordinate and oversee online flash banner campaigns and scheduling for rich media banners. Deploy to Eyeblaster, TangoZebra, ZenithMedia. Budget allocation, …

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