Universal Music Group International   Digital Project Manager       Workstreams: Internal SOW, Planning, Revews, Timelines, Milestones & Risks Pipeline: Cost implications, estimates, resources, weekly reconciliations. Projectstreams: Dropbox/XMLSpy/Omnigraffle/Visio/MSP/Excel/HTML5/Facebook/ Microsite /eCommerce/Affiliates/QA/Fogbugz/.NET framework/Umbraco CMS Soft Launch: March 2012

UMGI – Internal Change Management

  SapientNitro Digital Project Manager     Workstreams: Online, social media, press and experiential campaign, timescales,  schedule, team structure, budget, quality, and client communication.  Pipeline: PID, timings, status reports, risk assessment plans, change requests, resource requests. QA, UAT, Testing Projectstreams:Basecamp/Visio/MSP/Excel/Flash/Kiosk Build/Facebook/ Microsite/JIRA/.NET framework/Umbraco CMS Launch: January 2011 URL:

Sapient Nitro – Social Media, ATL & Experiential Campaign